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I’m always worried when other dancers see my photos because even though I have spent years building relationships with these women, I am an outsider. A lot of photographers tend to portray strippers in a negative light – they photograph the blatant nudity, money, drug/alcohol use, and then they leave – and even though that is far from what I’ve been doing, I’m still nervous to hear their opinions.

So when strippers across the country started posting about my work on their blogs you could say that I was pretty anxious. After reading many of their blogs, I was pleasantly surprised that they had nothing but positive things to say about my images. I have even received a number of emails thanking me for accurately representing their world. I’m excited to have all of their support and am even more motivated to complete this project. Thank you ladies.

Ava wrote me this beautiful email:

I felt like the new portfolio series really captured a lot of what my night looks like in a sympathetic and honest way – from the ridiculous we deal with (like the finger puppet! too funny!) to basic locker room mentality. I also love not only how you chose to photograph – all the girls are beautiful, but not over sexualized like some soft porn shoot, and the caliber of aesthetic is lovely – but also that the place you chose to photograph held a diversity of girls.

I just feel like the shoot is a real honest, great representation of what I look at every night. I don’t see that a lot. I know it’s resonated with a lot of my readers and the blogging strippers I talk with, and I know we appreciate what you’re doing very much.


Written by aliciavera

December 18, 2010 at 1:27 pm

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